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Step 2

Accelerator Screening Process

Now we start to get serious! Pitch us your proof of concept to open the road to full funding.

Step 3

Builder Grant CHF 65,000

Did you pass the screening? Congratulations! You're now an official Lisk Accelerator participant!

To start, you receive a Builder Grant of CHF 65,000 (or CHF 61,000 if you have taken the Bootstrapper)! Build your web3 application with around the clock support of our ecosystem team, and input from external experts on tokenomics, branding, go-to-market strategy, and more. By the end of this phase, you will have connected your app to the Lisk mainnet.

Step 1

Bootstrap Grant CHF 4,000

Do you already have a proof of concept (POC) built with the Lisk SDK? If the answer is yes, please proceed directly to step 2. 

If not, no worries! Apply for the Bootstrap Grant to take your first steps with us. This grant will help you deliver the Web3 POC required for your application to the rest of the accelerator program. 

Step 4

Booster Grant
CHF 85,000

You have successfully made it through the testnet phase of the Builder Grant and your application is ready to go live! Awesome!

Now you can apply for the Booster Grant that gives your team access to an additional CHF 85,000, as well as, support with UX/UI, how to raise funding from investors, and more. For this grant, we choose the most promising business cases. You got this!

Step 5

Breakout Grant
CHF 100,000

You are very close! You have shipped the app, you have proved some product-market fit, and are now ready to scale? 

The best teams building on Lisk can apply for the Breakout Grant, which will give you access to an extra CHF 100,000 to help you start building out and scaling your project.

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Why embark on the journey?

Application feedback in two weeks

Software, tokenomics, and GTM support included

100% equity kept by founders

Direct support from our team every Mon-Fri

You are next!

Apply now to our Grant Program and build the future.


Social media NFT platform

NFT marketplace

Select Participants

These selected participants of the Lisk Grant Program are developing their Web3 apps with the Lisk SDK.

An identity and public key infrastructure

DAO as a service

Your path to up to CHF 250,000 of grant funding

The Lisk Accelerator offers grants to entrepreneurs and developers building Web3 apps with the Lisk SDK.


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